Indonesia e-Cold Chain Warehouse Receipt

A Community Based Initiative to Reduce Poverty through Partnerships within Coastal Line in Indonesia

Program Background

Indonesia is the largest archipelagic country in the world with high abundance of natural resources and biodiversity. However, the whole wealth and its potencies have not yet been able to provide appropriate benefit and contribute the prosperity for people in Indonesia. In fact, poverty and development isolation are even significant at coastal and islands community. Coastal and marine development has been overlooked for more than three decades. One of the main reasons is, more than three decades of development in Indonesia, coastal and marine development including the communities who living there has been overlooked by government and others parties. Several efforts that conducted by government and related stakeholders, tend to be partial, not integrated, biased in reaching the target groups, and lack of sustainability. Therefore, it might be true to say that stakeholders including donors, privates, and also government have not considered coastal and islands development as main priority, contrarily even often considered it as development burden. As a consequence, coastal and islands become poverty sacks with low quality of Human Resource, limited social infrastructure and tend to be isolated. Poor health condition, minimum education facilities, degraded ecosystem and environment, and also insufficient earnings; make their situation even worst.

As an archipelagic country, there is urgent need for Indonesia to develop an applicable and integrated model to effectively accelerate the efforts of poverty reduction and also to improve SDGs indicators attainment in coastal and islands region through multi-parties partnerships. Once applied, this effective model could be promoted, modified and replicated as generic model to other sectors  that will alleviate poverty in Indonesia. Geographically, Indonesia is located within the South East Asia region. Spanning between 6º LU – 11º LS dan 95º BT – 141º BT with the entire coastal line around 99,083 km. It consist of 6 (six) main islands namely (1) Sumatra Island, (2) Jawa and Nusatenggara Islands, (3) Kalimantan Island, (4) Sulawesi Island, (5) Maluku Island, and (6) Papua Island. With more than 270 million people live within this country, it becomes country with the largest demography in the South East Asia.