Leveraging businesses into the next miles.

Zamrud Internasional Kapital is a management consultant and private equity company. We aspire to be our profession’s preeminent impact partner and advisor on sustainability, climate, energy transition, and environmental, social, and governance.

Doing business is about sustaining our environment.

There is always a chance to convert any obstacles into the great power.

We fly together into the unknown level of joy and excitement of partnership.

Through robust technology we build mutual synergy and transparency.

Your Strategic Partnert
To Boost your Success

From the board room to the engine room. We are working with clients to lead a wave of innovation and economic growth that safeguards our planet and advances sustainability. We also have a deep and long-standing commitment to advancing diversity and inclusion in business, society, and within our firm. We believe, inclusion and diversity make a significant difference to an organization’s performance.

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The Best Team

We equip people and organizations to unleash sustained performance. People are the scarce and defining resource that drives an organization’s productivity and growth. And we know healthy organizations dramatically outperform their peers. The differentiator for organizations today is the ability to attract and retain exceptional talent, develop inclusive and inspiring leaders, invest in the required capabilities to achieve business goals, and design an organization to create space for speed and innovation.